The Top 200 Ways Bleacher Report Screwed Me Over

A month before I turned 21, I returned home from the Bay Area, where I was attending college, to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family in Minnesota. On a Tuesday evening, I was sitting in the living room, about to head upstairs to go to bed, when my phone buzzed with a text from Dave Finocchio, founder and general… »7/22/14 3:06pm7/22/14 3:06pm

The Headline That Essentially Set Off A Media Shit Show Appears To Have Been Crafted By Bleacher Report Editor(s), Not Jim Cavan

On Wednesday night, Mark Cuban went on a Twitter tear, going after Jim Cavan and B/R for a post he published on the website, one of the many outlets for which Cavan writes. More specifically, Cuban's ire was most drawn towards the... um... excessive clickability... of the post's headline, which he referred to as… »5/24/14 2:11am5/24/14 2:11am

Sportswriters, Please, Know When To Shut Up.

Here is a link to a PDF file of a paper written by NYU's David Amodio. In it, Amodio describes "the social neuroscience approach" towards understanding intergroup relations, which encompasses racism, and "then reviews research that has used this approach to advance theories of (a) implicit racial bias and their effects… »5/22/14 8:46pm5/22/14 8:46pm

Has Bleacher Report Lifted Its "No Satire" Policy?

While the rest of the Internet has gleefully yucked it up on the first of April with all sorts of satire and misdirects over the years, hard-working Bleacher Reporters have been strictly forbidden from taking part in such frivolous activities. »4/01/14 11:00am4/01/14 11:00am

Please, For The Sake of All That Is Good in The World, "Use your [F***ing] ← → (arrow) keys to browse more stories!"

Apparently, the BRR's last post had quite an effect on Bleacher Report. While almost all of the site's garbage, inexplicably, still makes its way to Google News, our friends have decided to finally be transparent with their audience! »1/30/14 5:32pm1/30/14 5:32pm

For Bleacher Report, No News Is Still Google News

Before this week, Google was always just... Well, Google. King of kings in a realm that is not fond of regulation. »12/28/13 10:00am12/28/13 10:00am

King Kaufman Et al. Have Independently Published a 56-Page E-Book on "The Basics of Writing for Bleacher Report;" You Can, Too!

The BRR has devoted a slew of the blog's space towards exposing the arbitrary and largely hypocritical nature of Bleacher Report's standards for "evaluating" its writing staff. On a website staffed with 1100 writers, 75% of whom are unpaid while the majority of the remaining 25% are desperately trying to achieve… »11/19/13 2:37pm11/19/13 2:37pm

A Message from Danny Flynn AKA The Writer

The views expressed below are not ones authored by me. They also are not views which I fully endorse. The piece below was authored by Daniel Flynn, a Bleacher Report writer whom readers of the BRR have come to know as "The Writer." Since a brief hiatus from posting on Bleacher Report, he has started writing for the… »10/22/13 7:52pm10/22/13 7:52pm

Tim Wood Dishes on Departures of NBA Lead Writers from 2011-2013

Over the past year, there has been intense speculation surrounding the high churn rate for Bleacher Report's NBA Lead Writers. I was not going to release this, but I think doing that would be an insult to the blog's readership. I believe the views expressed below are those of Bleacher Report's managing editor from… »10/21/13 12:00pm10/21/13 12:00pm