In Commencement of Bleacher Report's Best Hire Ever: Bleacher Report's 5 Best Mike Freeman Articles Already on Bleacher Report

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Mike Freeman is a great NFL Columnist.

Maybe one of the best ever!

Now, he is with Bleacher Report. This is a great hire for Bleacher Report. Maybe one of their best ever. No, fuck it. Hard stance. This is their best hire ever.


This is a slideshow of the best articles written on Bleacher Report about/involving Mike Freeman before Mike Freeman became a writer for Bleacher Report.

5.) Dwight Freeney Suggests NFL Owners Hoarded Money from Free Agents This Offseason


I could have chosen any number of Bleacher Report articles at number 5. Bleacher Report has sourced Mike Freeman a lot this year. With Mike Freeman at Bleacher Report, who will they source now???

4.) How Does Tim Tebow Fit with the New England Patriots?

This article by also Lead Writer Erik Frenz sourced a single tweet from Mike Freeman and BAM! Just like that, 129,000 reads. Was traffic increased because of Mike Freeman or Tim Tebow? Was it both??? Questions.


3.) Why CBS's Mike Freeman Should Leave Tiger Woods Alone

What Freeman fails to realize is that Tiger is carrying on with an American tradition of keeping his political beliefs discreet. Anyone remember Dave Chapelle's colorful piece on how people would rather talk explicitly about bedroom affairs than share their thoughts on candidates? It was funny, but it definitely holds some truth to it.


2.) Defending Randy Moss Against CBS Columnist Mike Freeman's Hatchet Job

A heartwarming piece in which one young, budding sportswriter by the name of Sean Crowe defends former Patriot Randy Moss. Whether he was successful or not in doing so is up to you. (We can debate this in the comments section below!)


The article is certainly a BR classic, and it also serves as further proof that plenty of folks at Bleacher Report do not actually know what a hatchet job is.






1.) This 16-Year-Old Is Telling Mike Freeman to Shut Up

Never before have I been more upset with a sports article than the one I have just read by CBS columnist Mike Freeman. In his latest article, he blasts White for his comments made towards Loretta Hunt of Sherdog.

Okay, I'm fine with that. I have no issue with a man calling out another for some profane comments made towards a woman. But Mike Freeman does not just call out Dana White. He doesn't just bash Dana White, he bashes the sport.

Yes, in a matter of one single sentence, he manages to not only piss off Dana White (obviously not the smartest thing to do), but he also manages to annoy and turn off an entire sporting community.

"Dana White is garbage, his sport is garbage"

Dear Mike Freeman,

You, are garbage. You are just another one of the many sports columnists in the world that refuse to actually watch a mixed martial arts fight, before publicly bashing it. Our sport is "garbage"? No sir, you ignorant sports writing is garbage.


Mike Leanza

Although it was taken down during the time in which this slideshow was brilliantly written up, you are unquestionably number one, Mike Leanza.


Do you agree with my slideshow rankings? Do you disagree with them? Is Mike Freeman Bleacher Report's best hire ever? Debate in the comments section below!

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