Yesterday, Tom Lay, a writer for a recipe and sometimes porn blog called, took on the Internet and lost miserably.

Via the foodie:

OK, you guys, seriously, you need to stop doing this. It's been more than a year since everyone decided that it was fun to lazily fist Game of Thrones into the NBA for no other reason than they are both things that people of a certain demographic are aware of, and now all that fuckery has trickled its way down to Bleacher Report and given birth to this... thing.

The "thing" Lei is referencing is an original video created by Bleacher Report, which he went on to call "so incredibly stupid and uninspired and blah blah whine blah."

For Bleacher Report, this was surely a shot to the heart. Ken Dorset and the omnipresent Social Media Staff at the site worked so hard on their video, only to get a bad review from the people whom they so desperately aspire to be.

But then, miraculously, the commentariat of this shitty, obscure art blog, came to B/R's defense, and the positive reviews began pouring in.

Oh, cry more. It's an Internet cartoon. So what if we've heard the GoT/NBA conceit before? This was funny, and short, and it clearly took a little more forethought than some tossed-off article, which is how we typically get these analogies. -

whatever, 5 stars

Why should we all be offended by it? Because of your opinion on it being unoriginal? You know what spoofs are right? -

Dor Con Man, 5 stars

Pretty positive response on reddit.…

*cough* you suck *cough* -

Boris Roosevelt, 5 stars

i cracked up at least 4 times watching this video. and so did all my friends who i sent it to. Deadspin Fail -

martyb, at least 4 stars

Deadspin Fail, loved the video -

MichaelBrianBurton, 5 stars

Bizarrely, most of these commenters are not typically outspoken members of the e-commerce site's commentariat, at least according to their profile histories, but it's probably safe to assume that these people are just die-hard fans of GoT who aren't afraid to Throne Down with some Internet asshole.


These guys get it.

I don't watch Game of Thrones, but I saw the first few episodes of the series in 2011, and I'm well aware of its current significance in pop culture. It's not that every website on the planet is churning out these articles/videos because they think we want them. It's because they know we need them.

Cynics like Tom Lai think they're witnessing a cash grab, so they try to responsibly call it to their audience's attention. But like the ever-improving Deadspin commenters, I too am skeptical of Lay's skepticism.


Because I, like many others, once suffered from a cognitive disorder that caused me to play out multiple Game of Thrones hypotheticals in my mind daily.

Before the show became more popular, I faced many sleepless nights due to my condition. Game of Thrones characters and their corresponding home decor... Game of Thrones characters as NBA players... Jaime Lannister-Superman teamup... I wasn't even a real fan of the show, but these in-depth hypotheticals weighed so heavily on my mind that I couldn't even watch Game of Thrones for a month because I could not stop trying to imagine what Peter Dinklage would look like as a cat.

One year of therapy and a lot of Walter White later, I'm better. But I would never want modern-day Throners to have to go through what I went through, and thanks to the Internet, they'll never have to.


What would the GoT cast look like if they were cats? BAM. Thank you, Internet.

How would Cersei and Robert behave on the Maury Show? BAM. Thank you again, Internet.


What if Game of Thrones was just a completely different fucking show but still Game of Thrones? BAM. Thank you, Internet.


So, Mr. Lee, while clickbait might exist, it will not be found in the form of a Game of Thrones article. The purpose of these GoT articles, which you so sanctimoniously dismissed in your slipshod writing, is completely legitimate.

Bleacher Report, the creator of 2014's funniest and most inspiring YouTube video, gets it.

For years, B/R has generously been providing the GoT sports crowd with much needed reading/viewing material for years. I've compiled a small sample of the site's contributions below. A chunk of them are technically recycled topics, but who cares?


This shit never gets old because Throning out will never die. And nobody should want it dead. I mean, really, what's more important than web media repetitively producing this kind of stuff for us anyway? There's just not much else worth reading or writing about.

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