Top-notch NFL scoopster and greatest Bleacher Reporter ever Mike Freeman shocked the world - or at least the small portion of the web that cares about these kinds of matters - today with the following tweet:

Bleacher Report, the company whose policy we know strictly discourages the breaking of any news by its talent, had broken news with their new hire!

Except... Not exactly.


Yes, Jay Glazer of FOX Sports did report on the fine approximately one hour earlier.


Bleacher Report had even acknowledged it on their Twitter account and retweeted Mike Freeman one hour later. Since Freeman's tweet didn't acknowledge that he was only confirming Glazer's initial report, it left a slew of people under the impression that Freeman actually got a scoop here.

Furthermore, Freeman's tweet, which, again, did not cite Glazer's initial report, was sent out via the company's Team Stream app with this article posted on the site, making the whole situation even shadier. In a "Breaking News" article on Bleacher Report, the site also appears to source Mike Freeman as the true reporter of Suh's fine, stating that Glazer only "initially reported that the NFL was considering the hefty $100,000 fine."


However, an article posted by Zach Kruse six hours ago only sourced Glazer's tweet. A video of Josh Zerkle shouting profusely at his friends sourced nothing.

It's hard to tell what Freeman's intentions today were exactly. Arguably, he was not even the first to confirm the report.

Despite that, I suppose it's kind of encouraging to see Bleacher Report allowing its talent to get in on the news cycle. Freeman did likely have a source of his own, so to waste connections like that, which is what the company has spent years doing, would be a shame.


This could very well be a sign of things to come for the website.

Of course, whether or not today was just some sort of fluke, Bleacher Report should remain tight about its sourcing policy, especially if they stay in the business of not breaking news. That policy should translate to Twitter as well.

After all, we don't want to confuse Reggie Miller again.