On Wednesday night, Mark Cuban went on a Twitter tear, going after Jim Cavan and B/R for a post he published on the website, one of the many outlets for which Cavan writes. More specifically, Cuban's ire was most drawn towards the... um... excessive clickability... of the post's headline, which he referred to as "headline porn."

That tear led to two days of this stupidity, and a lot of @JPCavan Twitter abuse.


A quick recap of the transformation of Bleacher Report's incendiary headline:

Original Headline: "Mark Cuban Says He's 'Bigoted' Against 'A Black Kid In a Hoodie'"

First Change After Cuban Confronted Bleacher Report: "Cuban: 'I Know I'm Bigoted'"

Current Headline: "Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban: 'We All Have Our Prejudices And Bigotries'"


Tonight, in the form of an exchange between Awful Announcing's Ben Koo and Bleacher Report founder Dave Finocchio, we were given a rare glimpse into what feeding a writer to the wolves looks like and just how easily Finocchio will sell out any of his employees in defense of the all important brand.


I reached out to Finocchio for further comment. If and when he responds, this post will be updated accordingly.

This exact lack of creative autonomy is far from unprecedented at Bleacher Report.


Via a past BRR post:

"Their initial pitch promised us all of this latitude," said LW3 [a lead writer], "But we weren't even allowed to touch the headlines to the posts we'd publish..."

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