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... Even if I didn't "deserve" to get paid for the quality of my work, my story is only one that is strikingly similar to yours, and likely hundreds of other writers out there. Many of those writers have real talent, like yourself, and probably could work professionally. Although I may not have been good enough, I doubt I ever would have received a dime even if my writing was phenomenal.

Despite my issues, Bleacher Report didn't seem to have a problem with publishing my work for free for almost two years. The easy thing to say is "of course they will publish your work for free if you're willing to write for free." The issue with that is that they dangle the idea of being paid in front of your face and then move it away just as you get close. It's a scam, a ponzi scheme dressed hidden by words like "experience" "polish" and "eventually." For young college kids or post graduate kids desperate to get their foot in the door somehow someway and are often encouraged to take unpaid internships, this seems like something that they just have to do to get ahead...


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